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In a time 25,000 years ago, a small tribe located in a primal valley attempts to survive the many threats from geology, weather, hunger and health of the times. The perspective of this sweeping adventure is from that of a young boy, Daryl, cast down but not out, ignored by his family and friends, but accepted by the animal life indigenous to this period. It is a story of integrity lost and won, hard-learned honor and its meaning and effect, but above all, a romance of great proportions. The boy loses and learns, fights for love and survival itself, while attempting to overcome physical and social difficulties that at times seem insurmountable, This first novel of the five-novel series establishes a benchmark for the beginnings of the meteoric rise of the homo sapiens species from its lowly beginnings to its eventual dominance over our entire planet.

There is solid archaeological evidence for us to understand, within very favorable probabilities, that our predecessors moved from cave retreats to self-constructed dwellings in the time frame described in this novel. The co-existence of the Neadertal species with homo erectus, homo sapiens, has also come to be accepted as having occurred for at least several thousand years. That early man was a pre-eminent hunter is beyond question. The evidence for this is overwhelming. The social structure of man, his ability to communicate using verbalized sounds, and his tool-making capabilities provided an advantage for him to stand against all other predators and succeed with most species of intended prey. The Boy details the rise of primitive man through the developmental stages of his newly acquired specialized abilities and evolving behaviors. It, also, brings to force the authorís perception of early manís actual performance, and his supposed feelings to the modern reader.

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the boy

Book I: The Boy

Book II: The Warrior