Book I: The Boy

Book II: The Warrior

Tony Eldridge, Producer - "The Boy" - Soon To Be A Movie - Click Here

I write about the human condition. The interaction that occurs throughout social systems, among elemental forces of leadership, religion and science. I write about the individual's attempted integration into such social systems and attempt to define honor, integrity and duty, while I develop my stories.
Pre-history points us back, in search and thought of our origins, so that we may better understand how and why we are driven to do the things that we do. Espionage allows for the development of those 'secret' sides of our honest intent, layered with conflicting assaults by interior and exterior forces. My novels area about self-determination and self-discovery. They are about arrival. The arrival and satisfaction of a blissful state from which one can intelligently reflect and then positively direct one's life. The meaning of life is all around us and ever changing, depending upon the perspective of others. I write about the meaning of self, and self-application to the meaning of life.